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Whoops - Looks like TMGIdeas has finished shipping devices. I am very nice to have met you. You all are great people..

See you! (Sooner or later :P) ;)

BTW: DRAG THIS WINDOW around and you´ll see something familiar! :P
(If you're not on IE)

Go anyway

I´m just impatient

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetu" and a long etc. This is entirely copied from a template, so, I didnt want to delete all this template text.

Anyway, please, check the site and see if it is useful to you. I hope so. ;)

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Welcome to this great site I just downloaded and uploades. Its a very big copy-paste job, but it looks nice, doesnt it?

With this site, you can:

(I didnt want to waste that cool feature list... :P)

I just made an effort to make your wait easier and my wait useful.
This took me 5 days. I mean, 5 minutes, sorry... :P

So, cmon:

Now shipping...

April 11 and before

Wow, they are fast! :P

- Remember: not being updated for now.